Friday, August 17, 2012

A Conversation with Bryan Baird

HERE  is an informative interview with Bryan Baird, of Baird Brewing, in which he discusses several topics:
  • The Background: how he came to Japan and started Baird Beer, as well as the difficulties he encountered during the first few years. He also mentions his plans for expansion and building a new brewery. The key word here is persistence.
  • The Beers: the characteristics of the regular line of Baird's beers. He also talks about the distinctive ukiyo-e inspired label designs. Not only how they reflect Japanese themes per se but also the story behind each beer and the experience of drinking it.
  • The Aesthetics of Art & Beer: a quick overview of beer culture and history in Japan, and how it really began developing after deregulation of the industry in the 1990s. He goes into some detail on how his beers fit in with the Japanese aesthetics of nuance and simplicity.