Monday, April 27, 2015

「ビールオンライン購入する」 - 改訂と更新 / "Buying Beer Online" -- Revised and Updated

Over the past few months, I spent time updating the "Buying Beer Online" section of The Tokyo Food Page.

This is a listing of places that sell Japanese and imported microbrews online, including several general-purpose shopping sites (such as Rakuten and Yahoo), specialty beer shops in Japan (e.g. Good Beer and World Beer Market), and the retail shopping sites of over one hundred Japanese breweries. It is probably mostly of use to beer fans who live in Japan, as the shipping fees would like make the costs prohibitive for anyone who wants to have Japanese beer shipped outside of the country.

I first created it in 2009, and it really does need periodic updating. So many sites go out of business, or change URLS, and many new ones spring up. It was well overdue, having last been revised in April 2012.

There are now nineteen General-Purpose shopping sites, many of them individual shops on Rakuten, tried-and-true breweries' shopping sites in the Twenty-five Great Japanese Micros section, and 136 other Japanese craft breweries' sites.

You can see the revised site HERE