Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buying Beer Online -- Updated List

I've recently updated Buying Beer Online, my list of resources for buying beer online in Japan

The list is divided into three sections:
English-language Shopping (three sites)
General-purpose Beer Shopping Sites (16 sites)
Japanese Microbreweries
    - Twenty-three Great Japanese Micros
    - Other Japanese Microbreweries (109 sites)

All three lists offer information on a wide variety of great imported beers and Japanese microbrews available for home delivery in Japan. Orders can generally be handled online, with payment by credit card, bank or postal transfer or COD.

Have a look at Buying Beer Online HERE.

The Buying Beer Online list is part of the Tokyo Food Page, which is a valuable collection of reviews, maps, links, and recipes. It is also linked to Brews News, a monthly online journal devoted to good Japanese beer.

Please let me know if you find any mistakes or dead links, or if you know of other good Japan-related beer shopping web sites.

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