Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More on Japanese Craft Breweries in the Earthquake Zone (from Brews News)

From Bryan Harrell’s Brews News for April/May 2011, here are further updates on the situation of several craft beer breweries. Thanks to Chris Poel.

"While reports have not come in from all the small brewers in Japan, the following is based on the information received so far. Locations are listed from north to south.

In Aomori Prefecture, two small breweries have reported no damage, but have been affected by electricity blackouts.

In Iwate Prefecture, three small breweries have reported no damage, and are continuing operations as usual. However, Iwate Kura Beer has reported a ruptured fermentation tank, which will cause them to stop operations for about a month. However, there were no injuries to any personnel.

Three breweries in Akita Prefecture report no damage or injuries, but one reports losing 100 liters of beer from an open fermenter, while another notes that lack of gasoline has prevented them from making deliveries.

In Miyagi Prefecture, the Tori-no-Umi microbrewery reports that their facility in Watari-cho has been entirely washed away by a tsunami.

In Fukushima Prefecture, two breweries report that operations will continue, and one will find ways of obtaining gasoline to make deliveries.

In Ibaraki Prefecture, the makers of Hitachino Nest Beer report some damage to facilities, but they expect to be back in operation within a week. Ushiku Beer reports they will be affected by electrical blackouts in the coming week, but are continuing operations. Shimotsuma Beer is taking a break from operation for inspections, but haven't said when operations will restart.

In Tochigi Prefecture, two small breweries have reported no damage, and expect to continue operations. In Gunma Prefecture, two small breweries report no damage. In Chiba Prefecture, the Harvest Moon brewery closed for a few weeks, but no damage was reported. In Nagano Prefecture, Shiga Kogen Beer reports that they haven't sustained any damage to their facilities.

There was even an earthquake as far south as Shizuoka Prefecture on Tuesday, March 15. Baird Beer located there reports that there was no damage to their facilities, and they are continuing operations as usual."

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