Thursday, November 22, 2012

Japanese Craft Beer Breweries on Twitter / ツイッターで日本のクラフトビール醸造所

In early November the 生ビールブログ (Draft Beer Blog) took a look how many people were Facebook fans of (or "Like") various Japanese breweries. Have a look HERE:

So, I decided to see how Twitter is being used by the craft beer industry in Japan. Or more specifically, I wanted to see how many “Followers” craft beer breweries currently have.

Although Facebook by far the larger of the two social networks, Twitter is growing faster. Twitter is also the quickest way to find out what’s happening, in politics, business, and probably in beer as well. It’s for real-time conversations, not what happened yesterday, last week, or when you were in high school.

Some breweries have Facebook pages as promotional tools but do not yet have Twitter accounts. Below are the ones I could find.

Japanese Craft Beer Breweries -- Twitter “Follower” numbers on 11/22/2012:
Yona Yona Ale 6,445
Sankt Gallen 5,060
Minoh 3,457
Aqula 3,194
Kiuchi 2,543
Baeren 2,115
Fujizakura Heights Beer 2,023
Swan Lake 1,879
Kamakura Beer 1,878
Gargery 1,726
Gotemba Kogen Beer 1,686
COED0 1,419
Bay Brewing Yokohama 1,384
Yokohama Brewery 1,378
Otaru Beer 1,170
Taisetsu Ji Beer 1,094
Tazawako Beer 1,094
Banya Beer 1,066
Ise Kadoya 1,061
Nagisa 984
Baird Brewing 814
Kisoji Beer 710
Zakkoku Beer 592
Echigo 420
Kagua 410
Nippon Beer 406
Brimmer 257
Ichioji Brewery 301
North Island Beer 216
Rokko Beer 200
Matsue / Beer Hearun 196
Ginga Kogen 44
Hakusekikan Beer 10
Nagahama Roman Beer 4

Notice that the top spot is occupied by Yona Yona, the beer -- not Yo-Ho, the company which makes it. It is one of the most widely available of craft beers in Japan, certainly much more so than the other brews they produce. Near the bottom is Hakusekikan, a very interesting and experimental brewer, but one which went out of business at the end of August this year.

Also, several popular craft beer makers are not listed. Perhaps they are busier brewing beer than promoting it. But I imagine it won't be long before they too are tweeting and gaining followers.


  1. Nevitt,

    Wow impressive list. Where on the web do you go to find the most current, complete list of Japanese craft brewers? What's the total count now?


  2. Wicked awesome data, Nevitt! Cheers!

  3. im surprised at your awesome data!! i knew how much you like beer.

  4. I could'nt find Kumano Kodo Beer brewed in my hometown, Mie. Please taste if you haven't!