Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baird Beer Brunch in Hong Kong / 香港で ベアードビールブランチ

Here's a post on Martyn Cornell's excellent blog, Zythophile, about a recent beer breakfast held at The Globe in Hong Kong, in which each of six Baird beers was matched with a different dish. Bryan Baird's comments are summarized succinctly, along with the author's detailed evaluation of each beer. Have a look:

Baird Beer and Breakfast

The six pairings:
1) Cured ocean trout, cream cheese, and cucumber + Single-Take Session Ale
2) French toast and bacon +  Rising Sun Pale Ale
3) Chinese steamed buns with sugar-braised pork and hoisin sauce + Red Rose Amber Ale
4) Cumberland sausage and cheddar roll + Angry Boy Brown Ale
5) "Mini-burger" + Suruga Bay Imperial IPA
6) "Chocolate and Caramel Beignets”(actually, deep-fried Mars bars!) + Kurofune Porter

                                                          Source: Zythophile

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