Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer 2013 -- Bend, OR -- Part Three (10 Barrel Brewpub) / オレゴン州 ベンド (10バレルブルーパブ)

We went to 10 Barrel Brewpub on a warm Sunday in mid August. It was really busy, but the server quickly found us a place at a large island table in the middle of the restaurant section. The place has a friendly, open, and welcoming atmosphere. A wide variety of customers: old, young, couples, families with lots of kids, and (of course) dogs, too. Folk music playing low on the sound system. The food was great. We had a huge Greek salad and sandwiches to go with our beers. The pizzas looked very good; the large ones seemed to be the size of a car tire
I was familiar with several of 10 Barrel’s more widely available beers, including Apocalypse IPA, Sinistor Black Ale, and ISA – so I focused on several that don’t often make it into beer bars or bottle shops.

10 Barrel Power to the People Stout
Listed as “P2P American Stout," it had a rich chocolate nose with slight alcohol fumes rising. A massive chocolate initial, which fizzed up into a great coffee/chocolate mid palate, and finished slow and deeply satisfying. Smooth and creamy, it packs a lot of flavor.

10 Barrel OG Wheat India Pale Ale
Deep citrusy nose. Hazy bright straw color, with funny little streams of carbonation from the sides of the glass. Balanced with dark hops and big malt. Wheat fruitiness was pronounced. Very tasty stuff.

10 Barrel Red Faucher
This one is named for a cook at 10 Barrel’s Boise brewpub. Good, scratchy and roasty malt aroma. Rather heavy roast malt initial. Mildly hoppy in mid palate, with some buttery or even umami notes. The finish was pleasant and balanced. Very satisfying mouthfeel. Seems more like an amber than an Irish red ale.

10 Barrel Swill Beer
This Berliner Weisse is one of 10 Barrel’s most popular seasonal brews. But I found it a little too thin and quite spritzy. Too sweet, candy-juicy for a Berliner.

The beer sampler set was comprehensive and inexpensive: ten 3-oz. glasses for $10. This really is one of the best places in Bend.

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