Saturday, September 6, 2014

Oregon, Part 6: Porch Beers

My last beer stop in Portland was at R’s place. He’s a busy guy, and we had no other chance to get together.

However, we did manage to meet at the place he calls his favorite bar in the summertime, which is his porch.

Barley, the beer cat, kept watch ...

... as we sampled a few Oregon brews: 
Southern Oregon Na Zdraví (Czech Pilsner)
Burnside Couch Select Lager (Dortmunder/Helles)
Fort George 1811 Lager (Premium Lager)
Gigantic IPL (Premium Lager).


  1. Thanks for the visit (and the beer)!

  2. Good to see you and share those beers!
    Zwickelmania next time.