Saturday, March 7, 2015

Oregon, Spring 2015, Part 8: Culmination Brewing Company

We ended our Zwickelmania day at Culmination Brewing Company. This was the newest brewery in Portland at that time (opened in January 2015), and it was still in a pre-opening mode, with only a few beers and limited business hours.

The tap room (in front) and brew area (in back) are both one large, airy space, divided somewhat by the high bar wall. A long bar, with several high tables scattered about. 

Six taps going, two of their beers (brewed at Brannon's Pub and Brewery in Beaverton), two guest beers, and two guest ciders. Their two beers were competently made and fairly tasty but seemed a bit young.

Culmination 4 & 20 Black IPA (9.2%)     3.2
Named for its four hops and 20 plato. A rather oozy nose, with dark fruits: prunes and raisins. Some chocolate and roast notes, too. Dark roast initial flavor, but it goes thin in mid palate. The alcohol is a decided presence. Medium body, fairly flat. Low on hops, for the style. Okay initially, but it fades out in mid and then there’s not a whole lot else.

Culmination Reynard the Red Fox Belgian IPA (6%)     3.4
A fresh fruity nose, citrus hopping, and small estery notes. A slow starter in flavor. Some maltiness sneaks out and a sort of bitter peach pit hopping develops in mid palate. Nice flavor changes. A bit young and fresh, perhaps. This one shows promise.

2117 NE Oregon Ave
Portland, Oregon, USA 97232
503 353-6368

Wed - Sat: 6-10 pm

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