Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fuji to Hood: A Japan/Portland Beer Collaboration Brewfest

Here’s an event which should appeal to Portland Japanophiles and beer lovers, neither of which there is a shortage.

On April 21, Fuji to Hood will be held from 12 noon to 4pm in The Bindery Annex building in Portland. Ten beers and one cider, all collaborations between Portland-based breweries and Japanese brewers. Each was brewed using one or more Japanese ingredients --some fairly commonplace, and some quite unusual (indigo beer anyone? How about a shiso brew?)

A ticket costs $25, and includes one Fuji to Hood event glass and 12 drink tickets. .
Here are the brewers, the collaboration beers, and the special ingredients used:

Breakside Brewery / Far Yeast Brewing
Sweet Osmanthus Saison
(kinmokusei flowers)
5.9%  / 25 IBU

Burnside Brewing Co. / Yokosuka Brewing
“Who’s Umami?”
(shiitake powder)
5.8%  /  21 IBU

Cascade Brewing / Y.Market Brewing
Shiso Sour Red Basil Ale
(fermented red shiso leaves)
7.5% / 9 IBU

Culmination Brewing  /  Ise Kadoya Brewing
Oishi Nashi
(yeast from a tree at Ise Shrine and Asian Pear juice)

Ecliptic Brewing  /  Heiwa Shuzou
Shi Shi Saison
(sansho and yuzu peel)
6.8%  /  IBU 20

Ex Novo Brewing  /  Rise & Win
Going Postal Citrus Sour
(yoko citrus and indigo leaves
5.4%  /  IBU 46

quite a color to this one! Maybe there's no SRM label for it.

Gigantic Brewing  /  Harvest Moon Brewing
Oni Kawaii
(black rice and marionberries)

Hopworks Urban Brewery  /  Nihonbashi Brewing
Hinoki Lager
(sake kasu and Japanese cypress chips)

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider  /  Son of the Smith Hard Cider
Yaoyorozu, aka 8 Million
(Nagano wild yeast and Nagano apple blossom honey)

Upright Brewing  /  Kyoto Brewing Company
Pacific Herbs
(rice, sansho, mikan peel, and shiso leaf)

Widmer Brothers Brewing  /  Spring Valley Brewing
Sudachi Ace
(sudachi and kabosu)

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