Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Clear Beer is (Almost) Here!

In Japan, drinking alcohol has much less social stigma than in many countries. It is entirely appropriate, or for many businessmen even mandatory, to drink after work, often until quite late at night. However, getting a buzz at work is almost always a no-no.

So, for those who want to appear to be drinking water or soda while working, Suntory comes to the rescue with All-Free All-Time. This is a clear version of their non-alcohol All-Free beer. And it’s actually being marketed to office workers. 

Clear drinks, including clear latte, clear tea, and even clear Coca-Cola, have become popular in Japan. Perhaps a cultural ideal of purity or cleanliness is at play here.

I haven’t tried All-Free All-Time yet, but I do not expect to be a very full-featured “brew.” Most alcohol-free beers have a thinness and just the merest unsatisfying hint of beer flavors and aromas. This new clear variety might possibly offer even less.

It will be available throughout Japan from June 19 this year.


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  2. I actually have a full 12-oz. (354 mL) bottle of Miller Clear Beer from the mid-1990s on the inside back porch here.
    heh heh heh
    Wonder what it would attract on an on-line auction W-WW site...