Friday, June 10, 2011

Baird-Ishii-Stone Collaboration: Japanese Green Tea IPA

Announced last month, this special beer was made on May 19 by Mitch Steele (Stone Head Brewer), and two Japan-based brewers, Bryan Baird (Baird Beer) and Toshi Ishii (Ishii Brewing). Note: Actually, Ishii-san is now based in Guam.

It was brewed with Maris Otter malt and Belgian Candi sugar, bittered with Warrior, and flavored with Crystal and New Zealand Pacifica hops. Crystal and Pacifica were added again in a dry hopping, along with Aramis hops. A second dry hopping included whole Sorachi Ace hops and Sencha Green Tea.

According to the Baird Beer Brewer’s blog, Stone will donate all proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross for the earthquake relief efforts. Nagano Trading will be importing some of the production to Japan, and will also donate the profits to the Red Cross.

Photos of the three brewers HERE.


  1. We are actually looking into other organizations, since it seems that the Japan Red Cross has more money than they know what to do with (at least for Tohoku relief). Second Harvest is one that we're seriously considering. Once the beer is finished and we receive kegs (and maybe bottles), we'll make an announcement about events and what charity we'll be supporting.


    Chris (Baird Lead Brewer)

  2. One more thing I just notice, Ishii-san is based in Guam now. He's currently brewing on a Sabco pilot system, and as he grows, he'll add more and larger equipment.