Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wish List for 2012

This year is on its way out, and I'd like to offer a few mild wishes concerning the Kansai (and nationwide, really) craft beer scene in the next. Not that they will be granted, or perhaps even heard, but all the same.
  • The continuing success of the wonderful craft beer bars we have and perhaps the opening of a few more
  • Better craft beer festivals
  • The opening of a Baird Tap Room in Osaka or Kyoto
  • A few more good bottle shops, similar to and more conveniently located than Asahiya (Moriguchi), Otsuki (Osaka), and Yamaoka (Kyoto)
  • Lowering of the tax rate on beer, which would greatly help craft brewers throughout the nation
  • The publication of Lefty's nearly completed guide to Japanese beer
  • The further publication of Japan Beer Times, now eight issues strong (slogan: Bad Beer is the Enemy / 美味しくないビールは世の中の敵です)
  • And finally, better business for the better breweries

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