Monday, April 16, 2012

"Buying Beer Online" Revised and Updated

During the past month, I spent some time revising the "Buying Beer Online" section of The Tokyo Food Page.
This is a fairly extensive listing of places that sell Japanese microbrews, including several general-purpose shopping sites (such as Rakuten), specialty beer shops in Japan (such as Good Beer), and the retail shopping sites of over one hundred Japanese breweries.

I first created it three years ago, and it really does need periodic updating. This time I had to revise 20 URLs and delete six sites. Most of those deleted sites were from "omiyage" beer makers, generally sake brewers who create beers for local tourist markets and whose products will not be sorely missed. I also added nine new sites, including a few new brewers, and added a couple of breweries to the "Great Micros" section.

Take a look at the revised site HERE

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  1. Thank you Nevitt; this is a precious list.
    PS: have you seen this: ?