Sunday, April 22, 2012

Portland II: Bailey's Taproom

After visiting Hair of the Dog and Cascade Brewing, and recovering from that, the next evening I went to meet fellow blogger, Red, at Bailey's Taproom. Red publishes the always-interesting and punningly-titled blog, オ州酒ブログ ("O-shuu-shu Blog"), in which he writes about a wide variety of  Oregon beer, wine, and spirits-related topics. Later on, my nephew, who works in Portland, joined us there.

Bailey's is a great bar in a great beer town. 22 taps (all good and often rotating), many of them featuring Oregon beers, and some of them nano-breweries you probably haven't heard of before. Also a serious selection of bottled beer.There’s always something new on tap, even for the most experienced and far-ranging craft beer fans. There is minimal attention to decor, but that’s okay --it’s basic and comfortable. There is no wait service; you go to the bar and order what you want from the friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Decent prices, too. $7.50 for five samplers. There is also a cool electronic beer menu board above the bar. A must if you are in downtown Portland.
Tap Menu Board above the bar

Click on the link below to see Red's blog post (in Japanese) on Bailey's Taproom, which he calls downtown Portland's best beer bar: ダウンタウン・ポートランドのベスト・ビール・バー

Finally, here's a useful resource for Portland beer-hunters: the Beervana blog's "Best Pub Crawls." There are four on the blog site, each describing the major pubs to visit, along with some optional bars, stores, and restaurants along the route. 

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  1. Wow, the camera does love me...

    Seriously, I had a great time that night. For visitors to Portland with time for only one place to go, Bailey's is high on my list. Very Portland-y, with obscure beers as you mentioned. For those interested, I wrote about in Japanese:

    Looking forward to your next trip to Portland!