Wednesday, November 10, 2010

James Watt @ eni-bru

James Watt, managing director at BrewDog, will be featured at eni-bru in Sakai on November 24 – and I won't be able to go! Lefty had secured for me one of the very few reservations for this event, but I have to work too late to get to eni-bru on time. 

BrewDog has risen to fame in the past few years as the maker of some of the most full-flavored, coolest, weirdest, and strongest (actually, THE strongest – see HERE about Sink the Bismarck and HERE about The End of History) beers in the world. 

And HERE for the BrewDog site:


  1. Indie beers? cool.

  2. Shima-lisu,

    Yeah, they're wild boys at BrewDog. And their beers are verrry expensive.