Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Real Ale Month 2010

An annual event held at five Kansai area beer bars.

Real ale is beer made with traditional ingredients and allowed to mature naturally, usually in casks. It is unfiltered and unpasteurized, which permits live yeast to continue conditioning the beer in the cask. The malt and hop flavors develop into a rich-tasting brew. These ales are usually served by hand pump (without CO²) at near room temperature. One problem is that Japanese bartenders often serve them at lager temperatures. If this is the case, let the beer warm up a bit before you drink it.

Here’s the schedule for Real Ale Month:

Beer Belly – Edobori  (Osaka)  November 6 ~ 12
大阪市・江戸堀「Beer Belly EDOBORI
大阪市西区江戸堀2-1-21 ファミール江戸堀101 / 06-6445-6366
【期間中無休】 17:0024:00

World Beer & Café Qbrick  (Osaka)  November 13 ~ 19
大阪市・淀屋橋「World beer & cafe Qbrick
大阪市中央区平野町4-6-12 京音ビル南館1F / 06-6203-0690
【期間中無休】 17:0024:00

eni-bru  (Sakai)  November 20 ~ 26
堺市・中百舌鳥「CRAFT BEER DINING eni-bru
堺市北区中百舌鳥町二丁71 イル・グランディB1 / 072-255-8317
【無休営業】 17:3025:00

Beer Café Barley  (Nishinomiya)  November 27 ~ December 3
西宮市・西宮北口「Beer Cafe Barley
西宮市長田町1-15 リバティーⅡ2F / 0798-65-6135
【火曜定休】 13:0024:00

Beer Belly – Higobashi (Osaka)  December 4 ~ 10
大阪市・肥後橋「Beer Belly
大阪市西区土佐堀1-1-30 大阪リバービル1F / 06-6441-0717
【期間中無休】 17:0024:00

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