Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Infinium: Boston Beer & Weihenstephan collaboration

This beautiful-looking beer will be available sometime in November
for around US$20 (750ml). Jim Koch, Boston Beer founder, says it is “somewhere between a Champagne, a dessert wine and the Samuel Adams Noble Pils,”

Read Stephen Beaumont's article about it HERE.

And about the collaboration between Boston Beer and Weihenstephan HERE.


  1. drank Beaujolais Nouveau tonight:) did you?

  2. Good stuff?
    (young fresh wine for young fresh people...)
    I'm not really much of a wine drinker at all...

  3. I'm not really much of an alcohol drinker at all... after drinking a glass of any kind of alcohol, i get sick. caffeinated drinks as well. i try to drink goddamn herb tea now, haha.

    hey, i just found your other blogs linking to MEDIA ENGLISH PRINT II students' blogs. tell me about this project couldya?